The high-tech ceramic case makes this replica watches only about 9.6 mm thick

The award-winning "Black Mirror" and "White Hole" combine traditional watchmaking craftsmanship, modern design aesthetics and innovative materials. Both replica watches are made of high-tech ceramics. Their smooth appearance benefits from groundbreaking The use of the injection molding process has excellent wear resistance and is equipped with high-quality Swiss automatic mechanical movement.

"Black Mirror" is jointly created by Rado and well-known Japanese design studio YOY. It combines the classic analog and digital display with the appearance of Rado's high-tech ceramic square watch. It is unique and ingenious replica watches. Groundbreaking The one-piece high-tech ceramic case makes the watch ultra-thin at only about 9.6 mm. The high-tech material with extraordinary texture presents an unparalleled tactile feel and an extraordinary wearing experience.

The design is inspired by a long-standing vintage pocket watch. The designer uses the sunset watch as a blueprint and adopts a bold design style to present this visually impactful timepiece. This replica rolex uses high-tech ceramics as an additional anti-wear protective layer, and a small window is added to the dial in the protective layer. The window itself is made of sapphire glass, which can also play a strong role in scratch protection.

Revolutionary creation of a new horizon of traditional watchmaking technology, the introduction of high-tech ceramics, ultra-light high-tech ceramics, color high-tech ceramics and CeramosTM metal ceramics into its series of products full of design sense, thus establishing the brand in the industry Leading position fake Rolex. Rado has repeatedly won many international top design awards. It is regarded as the most forward-looking pioneer design leading brand in today's watchmaking industry. It has created industry standards and has continuously improved wrist aesthetics to a new level.